Why Cyberworlds?

Why choose Cyberworlds for your IT consulting needs?

  • Cyberworlds has an over-25-year history of reliability, integrity, and absolute trustworthiness. Our clients trust us to care for their most sensitive data and to keep their systems up and running – and we make sure we earn that trust.
  • We are a small, client-focused company – every client gets the unique service and care they want and need. With two highly-trained and experienced consultants, we provide a wealth of knowledge and experience to our clients. And we are always willing to share that knowledge and experience – Cyberworlds does not have the “information lock-out, client lock-in” policy so common in consulting firms.
  • Cyberworlds is a pure consultancy. We make our money on our services to our clients, and we make our recommendations based solely on our clients’ interests, not on the markup offered by hardware and software vendors.
  • Cyberworlds is unique in its level of commitment to partnership with its clients and ownership of their issues. You simply will not find another service provider who even approaches our level of dedication.
    One example: A network upgrade project required a lengthy transfer of data from an old NetWare server to a new Windows server. Ordinarily this transfer would be performed on a weekend, but in this case the client needed to work over the weekend targeted for the transfer. At the same time, a delay would have had serious consequences for the overall schedule. To accommodate these conflicting needs, we performed the data transfer and related activities starting Monday evening and working through until 4:00 AM the next morning. On Tuesday morning the firm was able to go about its business – which is, after all, the whole point of retaining an outsourced IT service provider.

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Our clients love our work!

Our company really appreciates Jack’s expertise and guidance.

Jack Johnson is very knowledgeable, competent, and available more hours than are humanly possible. His unending patience and willingness to answer questions and share information are remarkable. When a crisis occurs his calm demeanor and level headedness work wonders as he explains the options and makes his recommendations.
Meredith McKelvey
Office Manager, Barrick, Switzer, Long, Balsley, & Van Evera, LLP.

He serves as our “expert” in Information Technology.

Jack Johnson was very helpful and professional in the design and creation of our web page. He has done an excellent job of making updates, always reacting in a very timely manner.
Our network is very stable – and when there is a problem, Jack’s response is always very timely and complete.
Rod Link
Owner, Rj Link International Inc.

I am technologically challenged.

In spite of this, we have had an increasing number of people coming in because of the website that Jack has designed for the company. That makes me feel good (not like sitting down to learn the computer, but really good!) That makes my accountant happy.
That keeps the wheels of commerce turning.
Phyllis S.
Loves Park, IL