Cyberworlds specializes in outsourced IT services for small-to-medium businesses and organizations. We can provide individual services on a one-time basis, ongoing support and consultation, or even act as your virtual IT department. Cyberworlds offers flexible scheduling and payment options to accommodate your business needs. Contact us today to see how we can help you!

Services offered include:

  • Strategic consulting, providing the direction for technology infrastructure growth.
  • Tactical consulting, offering methods of achieving immediate and short-term goals.
  • Network and system design, providing the network infrastructure architecture encompassing servers, switches, routers, firewalls, and cabling, as well as the logical and physical connections between them.
  • Network implementation, installing and configuring the infrastructure elements.
  • System administration, such as monitoring server health and status, antivirus definition status, and email virus interceptions; installing service packs and security patches; responding to service threats and interruptions from such sources as Internet Service Provider outages, email router/provider outages, and server / network hardware failures; network user configuration and support; and providing information, documentation, reports, and training to designated client staff members.
  • PC support, including software installation and configuration, service pack and security patch installation, network user configuration, data migration to new systems, and preventive maintenance and repair services.
  • Product and service acquisition and maintenance, including assistance with system configuration and pricing, vendor selection, equipment purchasing, and vendor service on products and services acquired.
  • Vendor and service provider interaction, interfacing with other vendors and service providers as requested to provide technical expertise for integration and troubleshooting of their products and services.



Email:   info@cyberworlds.com

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